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4 Elkhart Museums to Visit

Elkhart Museums

Covering topics anywhere from vehicles to superheroes, you can’t miss out on taking a visit to these 4 great Elkhart museums.

Here in Elkhart, Indiana, there are a variety of different museums to explore. What makes them all special is the variety of subjects they are based around. Covering topics anywhere from vehicles (our favorite as employees at Tom Naquin Chevrolet) to superheroes, you can’t miss out on these 4 Elkhart museums to visit.

  1. Midwest Museum of American Art

Our country has been the home of some of history’s greatest artists. You can see many of their works at the Midwest Museum of American Art, which houses pieces form the 19th and 20th Centuries.

  1. National New York Central Railroad Museum

Another staple of our country’s history was the railroad system. This museum is dedicated to keeping the memory of the New York Central Railroad alive and well.

  1. RV/MH Hall of Fame

From the Winnebago to the Airstream and everywhere in between, this Elkhart museum features a wide collection of various mobile homes and RVs.

  1. Hall of Heroes

You’ll think you’re inside the Batcave when you step inside this Elkhart museum dedicated to Superman, Captain American, and other courageous comic book heroes and heroines!