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Still On Top: 2016 Chevrolet Concept Models

2016 Chevrolet Concept Models

Chevrolet’s design game is strong, as evidenced by 2016 Chevrolet concept models that recently debuted at the SEMA Show.

Chevrolet’s design game is strong, as evidenced by 2016 Chevrolet concept models that recently debuted at the SEMA Show…

One of those concepts was Chevrolet Chevelle Slammer Concept, which harkens back to the days when muscle cars reigned supreme, with a slick and classic exterior design that pays homage to the iconic ‘69 Chevelle. The Slammer sits low and features a long hood and classic grille.

But that’s all to hint at what’s under the hood, an aggressive and all-new LT376/535 crate engine, which pumps out 535 horsepower. While we won’t likely see this concept go to production, we can all agree with Chevy that is a “perfect platform to launch the new direct-injected LT376/535 crate engine.”

Chevy also proved its superior design abilities hold true in America’s favorite segment, the crossover. The Chevrolet Trax Activ Concept was made for those living an “adventurous lifestyle.”

Not only is this crossover all-wheel drive, engineers both widened and lifted the suspension, making it easier to get to those hard-to-reach camping spots. The Thule roof rack helps you carry everything you could ever need into the backcountry and the Satin Sandstorm exterior color means you’ll look great as you disappear into the hinterlands. No one questioned the hardiness of the Chevy Trax before, but the Trax Activ Concept proves this model’s ruggedness beyond question.

It’s always fun to see the designers and engineers of Chevrolet “playing jazz” a bit, flexing their creative muscles and letting the world see just what kind of brilliance they are capable of.

Chevrolet Reveals New Concepts for the Indian Market

Concepts for the Indian Market

The Indian market continues to grow, and GM wants to create loyal customers for life, so the automaker has created some new concepts for the Indian market.

India has been referred to by General Motors as the last great automotive frontier to conquer. The Indian market continues to grow, and GM wants to create loyal customers for life.

GM is using Chevy as the initiative to crack the Indian market and appeal to consumers. Chevy revealed the Chevrolet Essentia and the Beat Activ, two new concepts for the Indian Market, at the New Delhi’s Auto Expo.

The Chevrolet Essentia is a sub-compact entry level sedan. The concept is built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Beat, but does not have the hatchback design. It instead has a shorter front fascia, short rear decklid, and prominent wheel arches.

Although only the concept model has been revealed, it is believed that the production-spec model will remain almost identical except some small modifications.

The Essentia will come standard with ABS, a rear-view camera, and dual airbags. There will also be an infotainment system that will incorporate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Chevrolet also unveiled the Beat Activ which has been created as an “off-road” variant of the Beat hatchback. This concept has widened wheel arches, roof rails, and playful coloring paint schemes. No specs have been released about this model yet.

President and managing director of GM India Kasher Kazem states that, “The Essentia and Beat Activ were created in direct response to the growing Indian market and signal Chevrolet’s commitment to the maturing Indian A-segment market. Both evolutions of the proven Beat platform, these two important vehicles give us the opportunity to speak to a wider audience.”

We at Tom Naquin Chevrolet are excited for Chevrolet’s growth into new markets and are looking forward to seeing the future of Chevrolet vehicles in the Indian market.

Chevrolet Previews SEMA Concepts in Preparation for 2013 SEMA Show

In preparation for the upcoming 2013 SEMA Show, Chevrolet has previewed some of its performance-oriented concepts that will be on display when the show begins November 5th. The SEMA Show is the world’s largest convention of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories. It takes place in Las Vegas from November 5th through November 8th.

Some of the vehicles that Chevrolet recently previewed include the Sonic, all-new Impala, and a personalized version of the Malibu. These concepts feature accessories that allow for personalization, but still maintain the vehicle’s excellent ride characteristics. While some of these accessories are available from Chevrolet dealers, others are still being evaluated for production.

Leading the way for Chevrolet at the 2013 SEMA Show will be two “super” Sonics, which feature enhanced 1.4-liter turbo engines, suspension, exterior and interior accessories, and custom color-and-graphic packages.

Tom Naquin Chevrolet wants to know – which Chevrolet concepts are you most looking forward to hearing more about?