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2015 Colorado Virtual Design: Engineering of the Future

2015 Colorado virtual design

2015 Colorado virtual design is used to create accessories

Although it sounds like something out of a Sci/Fi movie, Chevy recently unveiled some of their advanced virtual reality design systems. While some competitors are stuck in the Stone Age using clay and wooden models, engineers at Chevy are using high-tech programs to perfect new models and accessories.

2015 Colorado Virtual Design

According to Chevy, the 4K ultra-fine resolution PowerWall system is primarily being used on the new Colorado accessories. The 2015 Colorado virtual design created things like a new assist step and GearOn™ cargo system, both of which are easily customizable to customer specifications.

“That’s the beauty of this kind of high definition. Using the math data, we can render the vehicle as the customer will see it in the ‘as manufactured state,’” said Joe Guzman, engineering group manager for Global Virtual Design Process & Operations. “Designers and engineers can then scrutinize every detail to make sure they are spot on.”

The new PowerWall system is a 240 square-foot solid glass screen, and includes two Christie® Mirage 4K25 DLP® 3D projectors, powered by eight computers and two Christie Spyder X20 video processors. It’s manned by a team of five – just another example of what sets Chevy apart from competitors.

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