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New Chevrolet Volt Gains Access to California Carpool Lanes

The Chevrolet Volt has been one of the hottest electric vehicles on the market ever since it first premiered back in 2011, so Chevy probably doesn’t even need to add incentives to customers to sell the next-generation Volt. But, out of the goodness of their hearts, they’ve stacked the new Chevrolet Volt with even more sales incentives than ever before anyhow. The most recent incentive—allowing single-occupant Chevy Volts access to the California carpool lane.

New Chevrolet Volt Gains Access to California Carpool Lanes

New Chevrolet Volt Gets Access to Carpool Lanes

This strategy of granting electric vehicle drivers carpool lane access has been very successful to electric vehicle sales, and Chevy hopes that success continues with their 2016 Volt plug-in hybrid model. After a year and a half on the market, the first generation Volt achieved carpool access status, but it appears the second generation model will get that privilege right from the start.

The carpool lane news isn’t the only good news, though. Recently, the Volt also received a large price reduction—Chevy lopped $1,175 off the car’s starting price. That brings the car’s starting price to just $33,995, but thanks to federal and local tax incentives, the Volt can be much more affordable even than that. Come see us here at Tom Naquin Chevrolet to learn more about the Volt today!

Chevy Traverse Safety Technology Utilizes Video Games

In order to make your car as safe as possible, designers and engineers are using video games. You heard right. GM recently released info about its partnership with the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies, where researchers have been using the Xbox360 Kinect motion sensor to fit child seats.

Chevy Traverse Safety Technology is helping improve child car seat safety

Chevy Traverse Safety Technology is helping improve child car seat safety

Chevy Traverse Safety Technology

According to GM, the Kinect sensor has the capability to be modified in order to overlay child safety seats over existing models, telling engineers which seats are the best for each. This is an incredible boost for Chevy Traverse safety technology, where engineers were first testing the system.

“There are over 250 different makes and models of child safety seats on the market, and new or revised models are introduced every year,” said Julie Kleinert, GM’s Global Child Safety Technical Lead,  “and the lack of an industry standard for the size and shape of child seats makes it quite challenging for vehicle engineers.”

The use of the Kinect controller makes testing considerably cheaper, especially considering the fact the Microsoft product is a fraction of the cost of an industrial scanner. Some engineers even think it does a better job. More bang for your buck – that’s what Chevy is all about.

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