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2013 Chevrolet Traverse Takes Best Cars for Families Award

Of course, a crossover is, naturally, considered a great family vehicle.

But, which crossover is the best vehicle for the family?

After taking into consideration not only family-friendly features, but also size, space and quality, U.S. News & World Report would answer that question with only one answer.

The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse.

That’s right – the Chevy Traverse took the 2013 Best Cars for Families Award in the category of Three-Row Midsize SUV.


Well, for starters – with family, comes stuff. We are talking about random stuff – a teddy bear, a baby doll, a pair of soccer cleats and, maybe even, ballet slippers. Don’t forget the baseball bat and hockey stick amidst grocery bag after grocery bag. And, luggage for vacation – we won’t even go there. That is why the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse offers class-leading maximum cargo space at 116.3 cubic feet.

A rear vision back-up camera and Side Blind Zone Alert help you keep you and your kiddies safe and sound, no matter the destination. And, of course, the rear-seat entertainment system offers a flip-down screen to keep the ride just a little more entertaining.

Twelve cup holders – need we say more?

If that is not enough to convince you, come see for yourself at your local Elkhart Indiana dealership, Tom Naquin. And, don’t forget to bring the family. Let’s give it a real test.

The 2013 Impala Lives on Another Year

Do not fear, the 2013 Impala has another year – for fleet customers, that is!  The 2013 Impala will continue to be sold through the spring of next year as the 2014 Impala Limited.  Many fleet buyers and car rental companies like the Impala for its large size, decent fuel economy and moderate price, and GM feels it has a lot to gain by continuing sales another year.

Last year, Impalas sold to fleet buyers accounted for nearly 77 percent of total sales.  “The Impala has become more of a fleet car over the last several years, and this allows us to continue to meet that demand for our fleet customers,” commented Chris Perry, Chevrolet Marketing Chief during the launch of the 2014 Impala.  Chevrolet hopes that the all-new 2014 Impala will become the brands flagship sedan while the 2014 Impala Limited will take over the fleet segment.

Chevrolet says the Impala Limited will offer the same engine and equipment options as the 2013 model, “It won’t be a stripped-down model.”  Sales for the new 2014 Impala will begin in April for retail customers.  Those customers interested in either 2014 Impala model can contact our dealership, Tom Naquin, for more information.

The Chevrolet Cruze, Sonic and Volt: Small, but Safe

After receiving Five-Star Overall Vehicle Scores for Safety and named 2012 Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Chevrolet Volt have made Forbes’ List of Ten Safest Small Cars.

Oh, and go ahead and add the Chevrolet Sonic to the list as well.

All three Chevys come standard with OnStar –the first six months for the Cruze and Sonic and the first three years for the Volt.

The OnStar system in all three vehicles includes Automatic Crash Response, a feature with the ability to connect to a specially-trained Emergency Advisor upon impact, automatically request emergency responders to a precise GPS location and, even, transmit important crash data like rollover status or maximum velocity at impact.

The Cruze, Sonic and Volt also feature frontal-side impact airbags as well as front knee air bags for the driver and front passenger.

The Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car with a crush resistance roof, a high-strength steel safety cage, Rear Park Assist and ten standard airbags. Now that is compact.

And, the Chevrolet Sonic – it is the first and only subcompact car to feature ten standard airbags.

Known for its efficiency and innovation, the Chevrolet Volt features eight standard airbags, including head and curtain side-impact airbags for outboard front and rear passengers.

There is nothing to fear when it comes to the Cruze, Sonic and Volt.

Stop by your local Elkhart Indiana dealership, Tom Naquin, to preview or test drive any of these safe models.

Chevy Donates Water Damaged Cars to Guardian Center for First Responder Training

A lot of homes, businesses and automobiles were ruined last year during the disastrous super storm Sandy, including over 300 Chevrolet cars sitting in dealership lots or waiting to be shipped out.  Most of these cars are unsalvageable due to water damage but that doesn’t mean they are unusable!

Chevrolet is donating 300 of the damaged vehicles to Guardian Centers, a fully functional training center for first responders.  From rescue operations to disaster scenarios, Guardian Centers was built to prepare first responders for all phases of disaster preparedness by simulating a fully operational and modern cityscape.

These Chevy vehicles will help provide a realistic training environment for real-life situations where first responders develop specific skill sets and leadership skills, while also testing their plans and equipment.  The different situations first responders will be trained for using the vehicles include wide area searches, traffic congestion in emergency situations, counter terrorism, public order and mass casualty.

“The vehicles we received from Chevrolet are an essential component of full immersion disaster response training in a metropolitan environment.  This level of realism and effectiveness cannot be overstated,” said Geoff Burkart, founder and CEO of Guardian Centers, in a statement.

Our staff, here at Tom Naquin, is happy to see the ruined Chevy vehicles go to such a good cause!