Top Speed Camaro: A Dream Come True

Top Speed CamaroA brand new adaption of the famous Chevrolet Camaro has debuted on the internet, and muscle car fans definitely have something to be excited about! The experts from Top Speed will have a hand in designing the new version of the Camaro. The Top Speed Camaro will feature a fresh, innovative design with a newly-shaped front end, stronger exterior styling, and bigger and more powerful wheels.

INAUTONEWS says that “The new generation of the Chevrolet Camaro will be riding on the Alpha platform, the same one used on the Cadillac CTS, and it should lose some significant weight from its body.” A lighter vehicle means more efficiency and the ability to reach higher speeds. You’ll also find plenty of new and exciting stuff under the hood of the car. Customers will have different options to choose from, including a new turbocharged gasoline engine that will be able to achieve 272 horsepower. This engine will be in direct competition with the EcoBoost engine that fuels the Ford Mustang.

The Top Speed Camaro is expected to be introduced at some point in 2015. Plan to get the new Camaro or one of its previous models from us at Tom Naquin Chevrolet!

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